Chick tray is special for day-old chicken and is appropriate for small and traditional farms. It is built by high quality material and modern injection machines. This popular model has a wide market in the Middle East. Other specifications are :

1.Pack type: shrunken nylon

2.Number of trays in the pack: 25 Pieces

3.Diameter:40 cm

4.Capacity: Normally 50 chicken

Manual feeder is user friendly and simple feeder which is used in small and traditional farms. It is appropriate for both broilers and breeders.  Other specifications are:

1.Upper part pack type: No Pack

2.Height of 40 pieces of Upper part: Approx 208 cm

3.Upper part size: Diameter: 35 cm- Height: 35 cm

4.Pan part pack type: Bag

5.Number of pan part in the pack: 20 Pcs

6.Capacity: Normally for 75 birds



MANUAL FEEDER( PT-303) have 3 different models of Pan part which you can select