Detailed Product Description

- 4 meter of nipple pipe
- Water Pressure Regulator or flush tank
-complete drinking system
-3 types of drip cup

Nipple drinking system is a professional system in poultry industry which heightens the productivity of farming and reduces the wastage of water dramatically. PARS POULTRY EQUIPMENT:supplies nipple drinking systems in 5 different models( in all models , the type of nipple is the same,but the designs of lines are different. Also We have 3 models of dripcup in our systems which you can see in the picture


In addition there are two options for drinker line:1-Aluminium rod and nipple square pipe OR 2-Pipe and nipple square pipe. You can see this two models in the pictures below


It is also possible to choose nipple drinker type.We have two models of nipple drinker which you can see below


Pars Poultry also offers pressure regulator for Each line.To see complete information of Pars water pressure regulator please see the company website

End Line